Based on the profile of Vacuumschmelze the demand for LCM products is poised to increase.


"With an expansive geographic footprint across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, VAC is a leading global manufacturer of industrial use advanced magnetic materials and fabricated products. VAC designs, produces, markets, and sells some of the most technologically advanced cores and components, materials and parts, permanent magnets and magnet systems currently available in the world serving a wide variety of high growth end market sectors including: Energy Conversion & Distribution, Automotive, Electrical Installation Technology, Automation & Drives, Aerospace & Transportation, and Electronic Article Surveillance. Headquartered in Hanau, Germany, VAC operates seven production facilities located throughout Germany, Slovakia, Finland, China and Malaysia supported by more than 4,500 employees supplemented with an additional 72 sales representatives in 16 countries worldwide.

VAC has three integrated business segments, Materials & Parts, Core & Components and Permanent Magnets, that cover the entire magnetic value chain, from alloys to permanent magnets, serving its customers with magnetic solutions across various products, markets and geographies. The company's business units are closely intertwined to maximize coverage of the value chain and, by extension, customer penetration. Through close and ongoing interaction with its customers, VAC is able to provide bespoke integrated solutions from a single-point sourcing capability and customized solutions to meet their specific needs. This design-in approach to added-value integrated solutions allows VAC to develop entrenched customer relationships, thus creating barriers to entry, and focused research and development efforts.

VAC currently offers hundreds of products in over 35 major product categories to more than 1,600 customers in over 60 countries worldwide from manufacturing facilities in Germany, Slovakia, China, and Malaysia, and through sales centers in Germany, the United States and Singapore. Many top customers are leading participants in their own industries including Tyco International (Sensormatic), Siemens, Bosch, and General Electric. Relationships with these, and other top 10 customers, have lasted an average of 25 years. VAC is a trusted and well-known partner throughout its end markets offering customers best-in-class expertise in technologies, materials and application engineering and enjoys key or sole supplier status with a large number of its customers. Since VAC was established in 1923, when VAC became the first company in the world to introduce the vacuum melting of alloys process on an industrial scale, the company has been leading innovators in the field of industrial use magnetic products. Based on the extensive research and development activities of its over 160 engineers and scientists, the company has secured a clear technological advantage with over 750 patents across all business units and is continuously replenishing its pipeline of new products. VAC has identified key markets with particularly high growth potential (e.g. Energy Conversion & Distribution, Automotive, Automation & Drives, and Electrical Installation Technology) and through a focused approach with newly developed products, VAC feels confident to achieve above average growth in these markets. VAC's visionary progress has made the company a market leader in the development of cutting-edge materials in the world. VAC has strong market positions across all key markets with a #1 global market position in Materials & Parts and Cores & Components and #1 European and #5 worldwide market positions in Permanent Magnets. VAC is also the only industry participant with a Neodymium-Iron-Boron Production license for both Europe and North America."


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