May not be that everyone is all that excited about .29 tonight but I sure am.  The TA is still holding up nicely and for something that may not work with a junior it seems to be holding up very well. 
.28 came into play today.  That was the 50 day moving average and also an old support line from this past August and September.  If you run the chart on a weekly time frame instead of the daily (which has been really improved the accuracy for me) you will see a beautiful clear reverse head and shoulders pattern as Oakharbor also noticed and bought on today.  
Trading down to support today  and then closing up a tiny bit set up a white spinning top candlestick and a possible signal higher now.  My sense without news is we may have a little more time around this price to buy and it may test .28 again. Might even break to .275 to really push it but from a technical side we've now met all the necessary steps for a move higher and that can happen anytime now.  
Volume was also lower today which has tipped the next move up off a few times now.  The wrong are close to being wrong yet again.