There seems to be some distortion about the "club" where most of the adult posters went.

1) Wwwaters is not the gatekeeper who decides who is on or out.  Wwwaters was not the person who had the foresight to set it up. It wasn't even his idea.

2)  The club members have one and only one goal in mind: An honest assessment and discussion of GWMG. (although there is a sports corner for those inclined)  It has become nearly impossible to have a discussion on this board of that nature and the club is a refreshing way to have adult conversation about the pros and cons of the company.  There are as many opinions as there are members.

3) If you can't be an adult and interact in a serious and respectful way, you can't be a member. Simple as that.  There is no insulting, no HAHAHAs,.... but there are differences of opinions and  different ways of looking at things.  We try to remember that there are actual people at the other end of the "send" button. I know that may be hard for some of you to comprehend but it has been true so far.  And if someone cannot behave that way, my guess is that they would get the boot pretty quickly.

  Again please note: you do not have to agree but you do have to be polite. That's it.  No kool-aide mentality. Just grown up discourse.  We did not take our bats and  go home, we just went to another place to continue the conversation that a few had made it their mission to destroy.  If you want to join, then join. If you want to continue to act like children, you are free to do that as well.

Just don't expect the majority of us to help you are listen anymore.