It will only take one year to build, HA HA HA .
(d) Please provide details of all components of the proposed project and attach diagrams (e.g. architectural drawings or perspectives, engineering drawings, process flow charts etc.).
Would like to see the construction drawings contractors will be bidding on soon. To bad my company doesn't get this job. I would have it done on
Provide brief description:
The mixer-settlers will be made of fibre re-enforced plastics and everything will be housed in buildings constructed of bricks. The Calcination and the precipitation facilities will also be inside the building constructed with bricks.
Infrastructure (e.g. roads, power and water supply/ storage)
Provide brief description:
As the proposed development site is located adjacent to an existing industrial area, there are existing access roads and services available to the site. No additional services or external access roads are therefore required to be constructed.
Processing activities (e.g. manufacturing, storage, distribution)
Provide brief description:
Acquisition of a feedstock – rare earth chloride solutions will be sourced from the Steenkampskraal Mine.
Solvent extraction - hydrochloric acid, aqueous ammonia prepared from anhydrous liquid ammoniaand organic extractants are used to extract the rare earths from the chloride solution into another liquid phase.
Precipitation – the rare earth elements (still in solution) will be formed / precipitated into a solid. Calcination – whereby the rare earth precipitates are heated to be converted into rare earth oxides. Mixing and packaging – the rare earth oxides are screened and then packaged for despatch
Who said we will not be using solvent Oh yes we will...
How many other companies are at this stage of developmentt anyone care to answer how about you,