goseahawks-- Not disagreeing, but pointing out that each of us is responsible for our own DD and decisions.  I have been in and out of several REE companies, made money on some, lost on others, and am overall ahead on points.  I attribute that to paying attention to all the information available and having done enough research to know things that quite a few here do not.  Trust me that I do not ignore the negatives of any company that I have money invested in, but once you know the facts available, you have to make your judgment until new facts emerge that change the probabilities of success.  That's why I'm here.  After about 4 years of study and 3 and a half as a shareholder, all the information I have to date tells me it still has good probabilities for both short term and long term potential for SP growth.  As long as that is the way I interpret the known information, I'll be here.  I make that evaluation every day.  The fact that I am here is proof that I put my money where my mouth is, and trust my research and decisions.  

If you doubt  others, you are being cautious and  prudent.  If you doubt yourself, you just drift with the current.  All the negative things you suggest are possible, are indeed possible.  It is in the understanding of their probabilities that we need to focus our efforts.  Once we get an understanding of the probabilities, then it is time to make decisions on what to do.  


It's possible you will be struck by lightning if you walk in the rain.  It's not very probable if you are not waving a golf club over your head, and know that the weather channel has not predicted a thunderstorm.  So you have seen a possible outcome, evaluated it, assigned a probability, and now you need to decide if it is reasonably safe to go outside sans putter.  You may still be struck by lightning, but the odds are pretty favorable you will not.  That's life, and that's the best we can hope for.  

In stocks, as in other endeavors, there is a relationship between risk, and reward.  High risk is a built in feature of startup stocks like Great Western.  There are plenty of safer stocks out there, so there's no reason to be uncomfortable with your choices.  Just find one you are comfortable with.  It's not the stock, or management, or the PEA delay that irritating you, it's your decision to be where you are uncomfortable.  

If the rain bothers you, go in out of it.  Be dry, comfortable and hopefully, happy.  

There's a heck of a lot more to investing your own money than many people seem to realize.  That's why people investing other people's money sleep soundly at night, and the retail investor tosses and turns.  Good Luck, and pay attention to the odds.  This is just another form of gambling you know......