Poncho - Yes, I realize that the PEA could be released prior to the 60 day, self-imposed deadline.  But the company certainly has no history of beating their deadlines.  They either meet the deadline at 11:59 PM the day before the due date or they more typically miss the deadline.  Sometimes that is repeatedly missed as in the case of the PEA.  They must have that 2nd iteration of the PEA in-house.  Too much wishful thinking to assume otherwise.  The longer it sits there and elsewhere the greater the chance its contents will spread among the well-connected and the longer the opportunity for the really money greedy capitalists (we all here are totally small time novices) to act to their own financial advantage and to the detriment of shareholders.  I even believe that the PEA in-hand is so positive that  such efforts might already be underway but just needed more time.  I trust none of these uberwealthy who are in business to make as much money as possible for themselves, screw shareholders. There is huge potential for those who would take the company private.  Don't think they aren't lurking around Saskatoon!  I have seen it happen too often to loyal shareholders of penny stocks who are so shocked, taken aback and disappointed, not to mention out much of their investment.  If the share price again is smashed down, that would make the price for the even more promising company even lower.   Obviously, what now is GWM has huge potential--that doesn't even need to be discussed.  The only real question is if shareholders will be allowed to participate.  That is the risk, not the financial success.  Again, super potential for the company.  My only concern it shareholders being allowed to participate. Perhaps not a popular view that nobody wants to consider but I believe it is a very valid conern and all the more so as this PEA business drags on for month after month.