Looks to be a very straightforward presentation and describes a company that has made great progress and would seem to have amazing potential.  They even have $54 million in the bank--that alone is enough to distinguish them from all other juniors!  Add in their fixed assets, another giant plus.  Don't see this reported here on board but, then again, I have many on ignore.  I still am thinking of selling some of my shares (average of .32 cents) as I believe there could be a real slap-down over the next two months in advance of the updated-updated-PEA.  I also worry that with that "preliminary" PEA "out", that means it is know by a select group of well-connecteds.  The longer the shareholders and market are kept out of that loop of privilege, the greater the chance that something funny could take place that shafts shareholders.  Remember the composition of the board alone could mean that is just what will happen.  No doubt that what now is GWM will do REALLY well, the question only is will shareholders be allowed to participate in that value?  All this happy talk of promise is just fine, PROVIDED it is something shareholders share--there is no guarantee of that!