have not been following the company well enough to make the judgements you are making.

You said: "Poor planning and discussion caused them to need more drill results at last minute.  And slip on the 30th for something due the 31st   and this was the third major reschedule.       OH the PEA wasn’t even mentioned as a requirement for construction start till last July 6 months after construction was suppose to start?????   Who missed what who was planning construction????

Read the last 3 years of press releases and you will find the answers to your questions.  Hint:   Moving targets require changing your point of aim.  

Once again, your omniscience is based on your imagination, as what exactly were the dates of the meetings you attended in Saskatoon that resulted in those "last minute" drilling decisions?  I'm sure your memory is excellent, but did you take notes?  If you were there, I assume you can answer your own questions about who missed what and who was planning construction?

 Have you ever heard of Environmental Impact reports and approvals, which are the bane of mining and processing companies?  You should, as you followed Lynas closely I believe?  Have you ever personally tried to permit a 20 hectare processing facility?  A mine with radioactive content?  

If you don't know something factually, you cannot pass judgment realistically, and expect others to accept your opinion as fact.