When I see the words Moving On It means to me the GWMG is going forward with their plan to become a fully integrated REE producer from mine to metal. Now yes the reason I invested my money in GWMG was to profit from them becoming a profitable REE producing company. Much has been said and done over the last couple of years that I have been invested in this stock. But bottom line is if they do not get to completing their business model and start production then sell their finished goods they will not make it and my investment will be lost. On the other hand when they do get to production and sell their first finished product from the Steen ore to one of LCM's valued customers that is when I will sell,  maybe? Until then I am enjoying the ride...lol... although bumpy but very interesting to say the least. In other words I am very comfortable with my choice GWMG against the rest. I am not a trader  but an investor and will wait it out learning along the way.