For over 18 months I have said that the real problem with GWM is that they do not have systems in place where people can understand what needs to be done to complete a job.   They do not know what resources they need to complete on time.     When I say people I mean the middle level managers and below that are doing the work.    The entire company is clueless as how to complete a task.    I am sure these people are working very hard but without proper planning they are running in circles.    No management likes to be caught by surprise but we see now new mangers behaving just like the old.     They need to bring in strong middle mangers that know how to make plans and monitor tasks both in-house and at external vendors.    These mangers have to be empowered and held responsible.     One day notice of PEA slipping several months with no explanation why is just not acceptable for the most important item for the company.    ( I doubt they know now what needs to be accomplished for the PEA even today)  14 months ago plant was suppose to be running in first  half  ’13.      I do not care if it is Six Sigma or some other system they need better planning and measurement tools. 


I am not saying senior management was not responsible they were and still are.   They are responsible making sure the systems are in place.   There is too much work for any individual to put them in place.    I am just saying that the fix for these problems are going to be long and painful.   This companies planning and management  systems  need to be rebuilt from the ground up.   I doubt they have the time, money or knowledge to complete this in time to save the company. 


Management had the vision and it was good they just had no idea how to implement it or what it would take!