You are not an investor, you are not a paid basher, then why are you here?

Re: Ignore. I do have you on ignore but when I want a quick read of the board but don't have time to log in, I want to see what others are saying and not an entire page of your repeated posts. If you have an opinion, present it maturely and back it up. Saying "stock is going down the toilet" makes you a basher. There is no substance to such a post.

 I feel sorry for you. A clear conscience makes for a good nights rest. When was the last time you had one of those?  Now, to respect my fellow investors, I will not address you again. Another annoyance is when something is posted that refers to a post of someone who is on ignore.  I suggest you make a new nickname and change your posting habits if you don't want to keep getting booted out.