Hmmm, after looking back at the last several corporate updates, which outline why the PEA is late/delayed, imo, there appears to be a common theme of revising/updating the resource, as well as the capex and opex, for the build out of the mine to market vision. I still like their story, and HOPE that someday, it can be implemented in reality. However, as with baseball, three strikes and you're out, for now imo, since we didn't get much clarity, even from the new guys. So, the uber pumpers will be glad to know that I'm moving my resources over to more well established playing fields, with companies who KNOW what they have, what they are dealing with, and imo, most importantly, are in FACT, FULLY FUNDED. Yes, I'll lurk, just like the "private board" folks do, maybe even sound off, however, unlike them, I admit when I'm easing back, both time and money wise, relative to GWM. So, taking my lumps for now, and hope that those who bought in at much higher levels get made whole, and then some. If/when GWM knows what they know, and do what they say that they are attempting to do, routinely, and positively, well, I may jump back into the mix. But the drama, and imo, lack of objective accomplishments according to the first, second, and even third attempt (PEA wise), are enough for me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, what is Sam Hill was I thinking?!