I think you missed the point. Should bond holders have any more clout? That can be debated but the fact is that they do. They cut a deal, and a deal is a deal. I have no issue with bond holders or anyone else who cuts a deal. They put up 90 million..well, not really when you consider that a portion is held in escrow to pay them back some interest, which I think is hilarious due to the great trust it implies(tongue in cheek), but that's beside the point. The point is that for all intents and purposes in the real world of public companies, the common shareholder is the lowest monkey in the tree. Reduced to its basic structure, the common shareholder is in a dog eat dog competition with other shareholders and would be shareholders. You can subscribe to the nonsense about shareholder value if you choose to. Once the money from new issues of any kind goes into the pot, most companies couldn't care less what happens to those shares or the owners unless they are majority owners with enough clout to give management their walking papers. That's called reality. Bottom line is that these last minute surprises have often been not good surprises, and in my opinion give the impression of a pump and dump suited for short term traders. Personally I don't care...I don't hold a giant position that I paid 70 cents for. I'll play the game now that I see how it's being played. If you've noticed I'm not bashing the company in spite of what these pumpers/dreamers falsely claim. My biggest issue is with the pumpers and kool-aid crowd. The former are dishonest and the latter are just as dishonest because of the denial brought about by the financial mess most are in. Not to mention their constant efforts to discredit anyone who challenges their unfounded claims and wild speculation. I wasn't happy with the prior management and not happy with the new and improved flavor after this latest move but I really didn't expect that anything would change, and I've said that before. I think I'll still make a few bucks and have no qualms about short term trading this stock but I'd never take a large long position at this point in time. No way Jose.