If in the process of leading a company in your first thirty days you were being presented with strategic options that cost varying amounts of money not by dollars but by millions of dollars and you had to make a decision that was best for the LONG run would you ...

a) make the easy decision so a PEA could meet a deadline and follow the past strategy 

b) wait and evaluate all options to make the best decision for all shareholders for the future bottom line

c) mislead shareholders and irritate them on purpose

d) check the stockhouse bullboard and use majority opinion

It's unfortunate we wait but you've got a paid management team bound to drive the business.  Let them do that for more than four weeks before you pass judgement on this call.  

One last time I will predict that unlike the group infesting the board.  This call was strong, for the right reasons, and ultimately will drive shareholder value.  This will actually be once more I get the better of a prediction on my good friends that crave an audience here to create paranoia.  

.28 will Hold Derm.  You guys just keep trying and for the record I sold at .35 at a profit on 60k.  And repurchased at .305.  You lost money trying to take the "momo" and I made money trading against you.  Today I sit at .305 on the 60k so you gotta see a breakdown here to get the better of me.

When the board erupts with your banter it may be the single biggest buy sign of the past 45 days.  Wonder if this will be another.   Certainly if a fellow bought at .19 when you said sell and sold at .37 when you bought it would appear to make you the perfect contrarian indicator.  Stick around because I'm going for a nice steak dinner and a couple bottles of wine on your advice because I do the opposite.