Everyone expects some delays with a junior miner moving forward.  But this situation with GWM is inexcusable for shareholders.  I even wonder if this last episode of incompetence involved lying to shareholders.  This is a valid question and merits discussion and an explanation from the company.  Multiple times the company in published reports and in personal communications indicated to shareholders that the PEA would be forthcoming in January--most recently in an Email to a shareholder who specifically asked about that timing.  Shareholders planned accordingly in positioning based on those assuring reports.  And, yet again, the company has bamboozled the shareholders still again, leading to yet another drop in share price and still another delay.  Such contempt from the company for shareholders!  Just how stupid do they think we are?  You mean that JUST YESTERDAY, the day before the deadline for release of the PEA in January, the company suddenly realized that it would take up to ANOTHER TWO MONTHS to complete a PEA?  I don't think so--they had to have known this for many weeks.  It seems obvious that the company is not informing the shareholders or the general market IN A TIMELY WAY RE. MATERIAL INFORMATION!  Am I wrong, or is such a timely reporting of such material information a fiduciary responsibility?  Seems to me that it is past due for shareholders to form a shareholders rights group, just like Lynas shareholders did when they were being jerked around by their own incompetent management.  Please ignore any posting by the many mentally ill bashers who now populate this board re. any of this.