OK Derm I like that response.

So here's what I think, but remember I'm probably the worst guy to listen to for fundamentals.


The old management team got what seems to be the bums rush to the door because they couldn't figure ot how to execute the business plan

The new guys stepped in and immediately communications got better, but its a leaning curve because with out question the seize of the project, and the potential, are much bigger then the previous guys were prepared for.

The new guys make a tuff call, seek to expand the known recourse and delay the PEA or order it released knowing it's  a gross under estimate.

Easy choice, Bay street likes bigger, better and near monopolies. Consequently, it's better to be seen as a major player in the space than just some boutique rare earth play.

And lastly, every one could see that a near double in the share price in just under a month must have had a ton of PEA speculation built in. Given that until today no one could take a decent position without moving the share price a good flush of the speculator crowd was pure icing on the cake.