Let's not be absurd. A company is worth exactly what a purchaser will pay for it- no more, no less. Nobody's going to ovver $8, $4, $2, or even $1 a share for a company that trades at $.35. If we see a 50% premium on trading price with an offer, that would be well above average and would be an excellent offer at that point in time.

I and many of the rest of us would likely vote 'no' on any offer we would conceivably see in the next couple years. But there are many millions of other shares out there, many of them held by institutions that would be foolish not to take that kind of profit. Thsoe of us most gung ho about holding are also likely to be the ones who simply don't have the liquidity to exercise the 'poison pill' if it came to that.

If a buyout offer comes - which would surprise hardly anyone - it would be at a considerable but not outlandish premium. But it wouldn't be a multiple of whatever price the stock is trading at on that day. Share price for producers is driven by revenue, and GWMG hardly has any of that yet.  This is not some sort of fly by night specualtive mining venture that a Rio Tinto or BHP would snap up for what's in the ground. An acquisition would be from a company like Toyota or another big conglomerate that is in the business of building things, and these are not companies given to excesses merely to indulge the flights of fancy of us retail investors.