allpumped, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, when the words and actions are yet to mesh, routinely, accurately, and objectivley positive, well, my message remains the same, until the facts regarding clarity, explanation, follow through and execution change for the better. I expect GWM to start writing checks with their mouths, that they can cash with their back sides and actions. If/when they do, answering more questions that begging imo, and I'll give them all the credit that they deserve, however, I haven't seen it yet. You can only say "patience, just a little bit longer" so many times imo, on expected developments, until people see their gums flapping, but it's all in Charlie Brown Teacher Speak, until the rubber finally, and positively hits the road. Expecting good news this week, but not holding my breath either, since the track record of delays imo, has created some false starts that didn't quite pan out, as they'd been spoken about previously. Time to SHOW ME, and get er' done!