B2BB, nope, unlike you, I remember what was said in the past, and expect for them to either deliver on time as expected, or, at the very least, explain what happened, what they plan to do in response to it, and then, deliver in a reasonable, consistent, routine, manner and time frame going forward. If they clarify, explain, and ultimately deliver, they might actually create more believers. Talking about a great business model isn't a hill of beans imo, unless you SHOW that you are, and will be putting it into profitable action. Nothing more, nothing less. I sincerely hope that they knew/know what they were talking about, the third time around, and deliver a PEA before, during, or shortly after trading hours on Thursday, and NOT into the wee last few hours, of the very last day, upon which the expectation was set. If they start to EXECUTE, imo, the pps could FLY, if not, well, we could see more FLOUNDER on the menu. Hoping for the best, but keeping it real, until we see objectively positive results. Yep', still talking about them, since imo, it has bee quite some time since words and actions routinely meshed. Hoping for improvement this, and in the coming years. No time like the present to deliver, and gain believers, not by talking a good game, but more importantly, playing one. No more relatively lame excuses imo, let's see some actual results. Then, wwwater can start to once again, plan his litte party. T minus two, for some long over due imo, clarity, and execution. Will we get results, or merely, more lame excuses from the peanut gallery?! Hoping for the former.