Poncho, I agree that everything isn't within their control, as far as exactly when the PEA is released, so, giving them a pass on the first early Q4 date, then the end of Q4 date (both of 2012), imo, is somewhat understandable, with their wanting to include more of the drilling results. However, giving them a pass on the end of January 2013 and beyond, could be ground hogs day all over again, with all the areas that they have to prospect/drill. At some point, hopefully by day time hours on Thursday, they EXECUTE upon what they know.


Enough mulligans and excuses, if the new management is in fact better, let's finally see some RESULTS to back that claim up. It's high time that they start under promising, and over delivering, which is very much needed imo, if they want to gain in the credibility and clarity department. If they meet their own, self imposed expectaton, great, and bout' time. If not, I can only imagine the lame excuses that'll be flying around here.


Still optimistic, but looking for verification, of the trust that I do have here. Just calling em' as I see em'. Looking for better, hopefully we get it, signed, sealed, and deliverd, as expected. T minus 2 and counting. Time for many to stop telling us how much better GWM is imo, and management to SHOW US, objectively, and reasonably, that that's the case by making steady progress, not excuses, which too many here imo, are all too willing to do. Again, I expect the PEA before, during, or shortly after trading hours in Thursday, just as we were led to believe, hmmm, even by old Dwight, according to your post about an email exchange.