I can see that geopolitics are not your strong suit. I used to live in Alaska and spent another 30 in Seattle with business dealings up there. There's this little thing called the Alaska Permanent Fund fueled by drying oil revenues and it's currently a 50 billion slush fund for new resource development. Ucore can't ask for a better location and political situation. As far as I'm concerned, GWG is a far riskier investment bet than UCU at this point and far more opague to boot. While we're on the subject of death spirals, I don't see GWM signing any offtake deals for SKK outside of the mystery separation plant deal with the Chinese who in fact are likely angling for the whole thing, hook, line and sinker and that tells me that GWM's hold on it is rather tenuous. Ucore has a superior offtake deal in the works with the USDoD. Right now UCU is trading quietly and baseing up. It's on the Pinks so it's going to be volatile but it's as  sure thing in rees if there ever was one. SKK is a sure thing that will be developed but I wouldn't be so confident that it will be done by GWM. They could very well be out of money with the Chinese playing hard ball for more. I'll take Ucore's partners and location over GWM's any day,