Like most others, when I want to engage in serious discussion or debate I go to the private forum and I would encourage any new followers to do the same.

If you have been following the private forum you can see that everyday the daily membership climbs. This I directly attribute to the pollution posted, and replied to here. So in a twisted way the bashers posting here are beneficial as they have made the private forum the place to visit for all information regarding GWG. As you know the wealth of information available there is organised and staggering.


Unfortunately, with the absence of so many of the old knowledgeable followers, now ignoring this main forum, any new potential investors arriving here are greeted by a couple of complete idiots who face little opposition.

As noted, swiffer is presently responsible for about 25% of all posts today, so I'm just endeavouring to

A) make sure everyone knows it, and

B) See just how big a loser he really is.

His choices are now simple.

Up his game and show us what he's really made of, or pull back. I'm betting he'll up his game.

Come on swiff you can do it.


So if you're new to GWG and thinking this forum blows, I would encourage you to seek membership in the private forum. I'll ask Maverick, the forum facilitator, to again post the membership link.