Hey Poncho, I really appreciate your posts, you are a real live bottom line, plain spoken guy. I too, credit LIfton and Waters, and add James Dines to that list. He predicted the REE bubble by a full year and clearly stated MCP would be the leader. He was 100% correct. I made the killing of a lifetime on MPC , got out at the right time, lost a little back when I bought some options while it was a falling knife. Too bad Dines has never recommended GW, as it sure looks like he missed the boat here. As a long time subscriber I have emaliled him several times about GW, to no avail. I already had some GW before starting to read Waters, but I credit him alot for convincing me with his outstanding research to buy  a lot more. I miss his posts, as my lack of computer skills prevent me from accessing his new site. your friend, walt