Mkomko-- You walk right into these things, you know?  It's one week to the end of January.  

Your words, that now apply to your post..."Normally an excuse/apology is given after the screw up. You just can't wait to take the bullet (again) for (your own remarks) can you?"

One of us will emerge on Feb 1st, or before, with egg on his face.  My opinion, solely but obviously, is that it will be you.

I based my statement that I believed Dwight and Marc believe that the PEA will be out by the end of the month on their response to my Email.  What did you base your pre-mature attempt at a smear on??

That's the difference between working with information received from company officers and talking out of your hat.  You have no reason for your remarks except your prejudice against GWMG and those who interpret the known information about the company in anything other than a bad light.  We will know in a week, or probably sooner, IMO, who has trusted in the right source, the company's manager of investor relations, or your hat. 

Keep this up, and you will need even more than good luck, but that's all I can wish you.....