This is an adaptation of a post made on a UK web site to assist understanding. It helps people look in the right direction and might help some here to drown out the 'noise' of detractors:

I have posted about Great Western because I invested in the company a long time ago but have taken some of my original stake out as you do but have bought back in at lower prices. The thousands I have I hold. Also, if just one person finds what I come across useful then it is worthwhile. You have made up your own mind about risks etc and most have obviously researched many REE companies but the 'Mine to Market' plan here, among other things, is what keeps me interested.

There are some photographs on the front page of their web site showing the new strip cast furnace and the new building at Hooton Park in Birkenhead. Just these investments and continued enhancements of those gives me a strong feeling that they wish to continue to drive forward otherwise all the investment. It is somewhat more difficult to get REEs out of the ground at Hoidas than in South Africa the moment.

Great Western were attending the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 20th to 21st January - Booth 1631.

Some have been worried about where Steenkampskraal is situated and I have said in the past
"you have to remember that black South Africans are involved with what the company is doing. It is a gamble that you will have to judge for yourself really as no one knows what will happen." I still stand by that. I refer you to Marc LeVier's interview and his thoughts: Interview :
Again, my understanding from others is that Steenkampskraal in South Africa is very safe and they are really very strong supporters of this type of new industry and job creation for such a rich but depressed nation.

Great Western have had funding issues and warrants that had been granted at 45 cents have now lapsed as per this comprehensive corporate update:

I do not believe that Great Western has 'bet the whole farm' on (Steenkampskraal SKK). They still have Hoidas and because of the challenges it was faced with it will have changed for the better with increased RE prices and the focus on Neodymium and other magnet material. I cannot really comment on other opportunities but I can say quite firmly, that in my opinion, they are not sitting on their hands and betting it all on SKK.

You could always ask David Kennedy (founded Less Common Metals - Birkenhead) how he thinks it will pan out - see his profile below.

"Mr. David Kennedy, C. Eng., MIMMM has been the Chief Executive Officer of Rare Earth Extraction Co. Limited, a subsidiary of Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. since November 2011. Mr. Kennedy served as Managing Director of Metals and Alloys at Great Western Technologies Inc. He founded Less Common Metals Ltd. (LCM) in 1992 and served as Managing Director of Metals & Alloys at Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. until November 2011. He was responsible for implementing the ... strategic goals and objectives of the organization. More specifically, he retains a hand-on role in the Sales and Marketing of LCM products. Previously, he served as President at LCM. He serves as President of Birmingham University Metallurgical Society. He served as Technical Manager at Johnson Matthey Rare Earth Products. Mr. Kennedy worked with rare-earth containing materials since 1976 and published several papers on the technology and economics of rare earth alloy production. He has been a Director of Great Western Minerals Group, Ltd. since November 2008. He serves as Chairman of the Liverpool Metallurgical Society and President of Birmingham University Metallurgical Society. Mr. Kennedy is a graduate in metallurgy and a Chartered Engineer; he is a professional member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining." and here:

P.S. The Stockhouse bulletin board used to be a useful source of ideas and comments but it seems to have been taken over by traders and those with ulterior motives much the same as bulletin boards in the UK.