1. your post is an admission that you post no factual information, but deal exclusively in personal attacks on people who do post  same.  Thank you for that honesty.

2. Why not post releases about the GQD deal from just 12 months ago?  They completed the JV, created GWGQD, arranged to land, planned the SX facility, expanded the land area, and someday will be able to process 10K tonnes per year of REE oxides for LCM and ROW market sales.  The point is....They did it, and they are doing it still.  Feel free to compare with Lynas JV with Siemens(still nothing) or MCP's fabulous but self destructive purchase of Neo Materials.  All you seem to remember that it was delayed, and in fact, it was only delayed a couple of months, which is pretty good for a deal that included Canada, South Africa, and China regulations and approvals.

3. The 43-101 was presented on May 31, 2012, and contained historic REE grade levels never before certified by 43-101 anywhere on the planet.  Since the initial report, both grade and resources, indicated and inferred, have been increased, and the PEA, which will be published prior to the end of January, will have the force of 43-101 approved numbers behind it.  The point is, they did it, and proved it to 43-101 standards, something neither Lynas nor MCP can say.  

4.  Jim Engdahl's retirement was announced as a coming event, and he stayed another 6 months, and is still available on a consulting basis if needed.  When he left, an interim CEO was appointed from the board, and eventually the current CEO was appointed from that board.  Engdahl's announcement was honest and indicated clearly to investors what was going on in the search for a replacement.  Feel free to compare that change of command with Mark Smith's exiting MCP, which was so fast it was announced after it happened.  If you think that's a better way do business, check their current situation.

5.  What am I selling?  I put out factual information, backed by news releases, published articles, and clearly indicate opinions of myself or others as just that, opinions.  It is up to you to decide if you want to risk hard earned money on any stock, especially a speculative long shot such as GWMG.  If you think that is dishonest, you do not seem to be in the majority opinion.  Further, I strongly resent your unfounded suggestion that I would "fit right in in Congress".  Them's fightin' words in my vicinity!  I can proudly say the last time I was at the Capitol, they refused me entry, for which I applauded their fine judgement, and accepted their vindication of my un-tainted status, though it might have been because they were closed.

As usual, this post has nothing of informational value regarding to GWMG's past or future, contained a personal attack in lieu of logic or common sense, contained your trademark insults, and specifically remarked on 3 historic events of the past year that have all, ....ALL....been successfully concluded, in contrast to every other "first producer" ROW REE company attempting to pass similar milestones.   Your tirades are  tiresome and repetitive, and I continue to welcome the opportunity to explain to readers the fallacy of your position and point out the logical weakness of a person's factual position if they  need to insult those who may, just may, hold an opinion other than yours.

Good luck to you, you will need it, as you seem to have no other option of hope for success.