The PEA coming out does have two fold value. It gives a legally certified plan. Just about all the info we have right now is hearsay. We know GWG owns a mine with good resource concentrations.  For all we know the company could just decide to put a theme park up. 


Beyond the as you say the company has a reputation for failed leadership on timelines. We have new leadership now, building a reputation as a trusted reliable management team does have value


I so far like how the company has been doing in this new year. They have been doing a much better job at keeping investors informed.  There have been corporate presentations, press releases, and getting the PEA out on time will start to repair the company’s reputation.


I will not give them a free pass for the sampling results. Those were dated December 15th  and they waited around 30 days before releasing them. For what reason I do not know.  But instead of waiting to the legally maximum time, the new team decided to push them out now, at least that was a step in the right direction.