Plagued -- you said Dwight has no credibility?  You must have noticed there is a new CEO at the helm.  All things flow from that so blaming Dwight is mispalced, imo.   He can only put out what management tells him to put out and he has no control over those deadlines-met or unmet.  Only managment can.... and I feel we are getting back to the "we do what we say we are going to do" which was sorely lacking in 2012.   Wake up and smell the coffee, dude... it's a new day in GWMG land.


Dwight says it's still scheduled to be released this month. I really hope traders wont start selling tomorrow"

The problem is Dwight has no credibility since GWG failed to update us until it was obscenely obvious that GWG would miss the December deadline. That being said I think it will come out in Jan. But that is a bet not a promises