For those who excite easily, fly off the handle at good news, jump up and spill your coffee onto inconvenient portions of your anatomy, a word of caution.  Over the next few days, be sure to take your prescribed meds, practice Yoga if that is your relaxation technique, take time out to meditate on the meaning of life, and seek your inner peace wherever you find it.  

Today's announcement, though of interest, is small potatoes compared to what is coming down the pipe with the PEA, and I hope, a series of announcements similar to todays at relatively short intervals, that will keep the media and analyst focus on GWMG.  The single thing that holds back the SP of this company is the lack of  public awareness, both among institutional investors, and among the throng of individual retail investors such as ourselves, and also among the retail brokers.

Announcement's that could be made separately from the PEA include:

1.  Application for admission to the TSX.

2.  Breaking ground on the Steen's chloride/concentration facility.

3.  Approval, or at least final filing for the BAR at Vredendal for the SX plant.

4.  Installation complete of 2nd strip casting furnace at LCM.

5.  First production alloy sales from 1st strip casting furnace.

6.  Purchase agreements for future LCM alloy and metals production.

7.  Breaking ground on the SX facility site and the beginning of construction.

8.  Spin-off of one or more exploratory properties, with resulting funding made available.

9.  Off-take agreements for spun-off exploratory projects.

10. Transition to profitability from startup financial status.

There are more possible, and a few of these will not happen this week, but it shows what the general future of News Releases will bring to GW's table, and each one will bring the company to the attention of more and more investors, just as crossing the moving averages does, and just as increasing average trading volume indicates.