The true driver of SP for GWG will be profits.  Hard cash hitting the bottom line will drive the SP.  The confirmation that the new furnace is delivering to customers is worth more to the SP than a PEA.  The PEA will however make the 'anticipated' profits clear.

How much the PEA drives the SP will really depend on how investors will weigh proposed profits versus cash in the bank.  I think we'd all agree cash in the bank would be prefered to a promise of payment.  

Nontheless stock prices move in advance or anticipation of profits all the time and the bigger the prize the more investors will not want to wait 'too long' to buy....  The size of the prize has been a topic on the board for a long time now.   The PEA should make it crystal clear as well as the cost of grabbing it for the company.  

Then it's all about the evaluation of that data and how investors react.   Tic Toc......tic toc