Your problem is that stockhouse forums seem to have become the center of your existence. Where most of us follow an equity because we are invested, are contemplating taking a position or maybe just enjoy the like minded dialogue, for you it seems to be so much more. Nit picking small grammatical errors or spelling mistakes as opposed to staying on topic would suggest that you're just a little compulsive obsessive.


 I suspect, given the amount of time you spent here, that you are either:

A) house bound for one reason or another


B) a total social reject of some sort.


Regardless, what you fail to realise is that many of us tap out our commentary from cell phones or tablets while on the go. Our participation takes place in much the same way some would engage in a game of angry birds while waiting for a train or a meeting, you know real world activities. Or maybe you wouldn't know, which just makes it all even more sad.