Fixed, you know full well, this is NOT the first timeline expectation for the PEA, it's the THIRD! If anyone should be slapped, imo, it should be whatever fool said, early Q4, wait, er, I meant end of Q4, no, no, that is, the end of January, ah, would you believe ...? Good gravy, for crying out loud KNOW what you're talking about, rather than HOPING and giving a PASS, or explaining away, each and every timeline that is missed. Ah, and if you miss a timeline, SAY WHY! imo Then, give a REASONABLE/ATTAINABLE one and ACCOMPLISH it. Time to UNDER promise and OVER delivery, duh-har. LOL, LOL, LOL, ala Fixed. "If" they make the end of the month, great, but, it is NOT redemeption, rather, it's BOUT' FREAKIN' TIME! imo Hopefully, it's worth the wait. If not, back to FLOUNERLAND imo. EXECUTE ALREADY!