I believe you when you say you are kidding however who could blame someone if they said the same thing and were not kidding ?  I know I know  were supposed to be in this for the long haul whats an extra month or weeks added to a deadline ?  Maybe that is best way to think of it but isnt it human nature to be frustrated when deadlines are rarely met ?  It is almost  as if when management cites a time frame  you can almost always add a month onto that if not two.  they said end of 2012  ohhh they were very very confident.  Now its by end of January so how confident are any of you REALLY that  this time frame will be found true ?  Hey hope they prove me wrong but Ill go out on a limb and say I doubt  the PEA will be out until mid Feb.   Funny even with that statement I am still hopeful I am wrong and it does come out by the end of Jan . One thing I know for sure.  It pissssses me off.  I would rather they have said Feb in the first place only to find the PEA announcement  here in Jan.  Under promise over Deliver  Hah  Fat chance.