The_Derminator - If you have not grasped what will be driving the demand for rare earths particularly the (CREOs) then you will not be investing in the proper ventures that will be supplying not only the oxides but the value added products in the value chain which by the way have been determined by many analysts and rare earth experts as the magnet industry drivers.  How many ventures outside of China have magnet alloy producers in their portfolio.  If you think that rare earth oxides are the value producers you certainly have not done your homework.  I rely on the expertise of individuals who have done their homework on future demands and I believe that wwwater's does also and used those projection in his table in displaying an understanding as to what may happen in subsequent years.  If the price of the CREOs rises that only contributes more to the bottom line of those that remain in the rare earth industry.  Notice I stressed remain in the rare earth industry as it develops.