1) One group believes the SP trend will change and the business plan is being executed as stated by the company with some possible adjustments to accommodate market conditions.

2) One group believe the SP trend will stay the course and continue lower.  The business plan as stated by the company will not be executed due to some yet unforeseen reason.  

Group one and group two continue to post contrary positions and arguments however only group one has a stated position in the company.  In the past 15 days three news releases have occurred indicating the company is completing tasks as planned.

Also important.  Group one is also accompanied by large institutions or professional money managers invested for in excess of 70 million and 90 million in bond investments that have all bought into the business plan.  

Group two posts ten times as much with zero evidence or factual information to support their view let alone their interest in the company and group one has many posters with stated investments as factual contributions.  

Group one has largely abandoned the board because arguing with the aforementioned group two is in fact not an argument or debate in any way shape or form.  Group two has been reduced to name calling, annoying personal attacks or inuendo to draw group one down to their level of conversation.  

Lets do this.  Let the story play out and then those that were correct can return triumphant to post victorious.  Right now at this moment a small select group of insiders know the answers and that is all.  You can't claim correctness or victory until there is concrete information from the company.  

Between now and then we have a SP and technical analysis and speculation to keep us busy.  There's no point to claiming any kind of correctness and certainly no point to repeating your message many times.  I'm long GWG.  I'm in for 362500 shares.  My average cost is .36.  I took a strategy of averaging in all of 2012 using TA to buy the dips.  I incorrectly picked the .30 mark in the fall as a bottom or my average cost would be lower.   I'm a trader of sorts but more on an annual basis at the very quickest and I will make a lot of money on this trade.  

Thats why I own GWG.  I read and post on the board to learn and hear some other viewpoints and I like the social aspect of connecting with some people with the same interest.  Perhaps that's why most people show up here and so whether your long, short, or looking for information perhaps have a little human decency and keep your viewpoints as you would among a group of people connecting in a real room.  You aren't ignored for your view on GWG or your contrary opinions.  You're ignored because you don't have the common decency to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to an informed conversation and frankly you know if this was a real room you would have been tossed out long ago. 

Behind the facade of being here with an opinion are individuals that need to show some more respect for people in general and not pretend the Internet and chat boards are anonymous.  They are not.  You are one IP address away from your identity and truly forgetting that is the problem.  Be who you are here in RL and if not then the ignore option is there for the rest of us.