Subtle, very true, too funny how I was supposedly a pumper on Yahoo, and an alleged basher here, :/. What I'm NOT a fan of, is how the company still imo, is pretty bad about explaining themselves. Imo, they've yet to spell things out in an objectively comprehensive manner, to know what is, and is not going on, why, and what's expected going forward.


That's the reason imo, why there is so much speculation here, and why the "yes sir, may I have another sir" crowd, "thinks" that I'm bashing when I am NOT, I just expect more, objectivity, professionalism, and follow through. Hopefully, with the PEA, we get some answers to questions, and then follow through, towards productively and positively reaching milestones, and eventually, in a reasonable tiime frame, full vertical integration. The expectation for the PEA is now by the end of THIS MONTH. I can only imagine the string of lame excuses that the real pumpers will grasp for, or come up with, if that date comes and goes. Hopefully, they meet or beat that timeline, and have something objectively positive to say, and then do something that shows us that they are going to become relavent asap imo.