BIGblue forgot to mention the latest feature on our private board. Wwwater and Mav thought it's a good idea to try to understand what all the "non-pumpers" want to say, so we have just started a series of tasks which are supposed to be helpful in this direction.

For this week, all the members are supposed to: 1) read 15 posts (of their choice) written by JJ and try to synthesize the message he wants to convey, 2) look for 10 minutes a day at the GWG chart, as Derminator does when he wants to reassure himself that he picked the right REE investment, 3) someone told us that Swiffer/allpumpedup wrote on the UCU board that he wants to get our of his REE investments as soon as he is back in the black and then move to greener pastures in the potash business (or maybe it was trash business, I forgot). So we decided to not even try to understand what he is all about.