Salmo Trutta

Contrary to my earlier misgivings, it would appear that the recent disappearance of the private poster contributors has shown just how little you, and your ilk, ever really contributed or mattered.


Quite simply, you can't say they're pumping if it's a private affair and they're essentially preaching to the choir. I believe they have done nothing more then demonstrate that they are truly long term and committed share holders, who will selectively share with anyone civil enough to ask.


I suspect that if this holds it may prove to be a template for investors on other boards who would also like the solitude of adult conversation. Conversely, I imagine there will always be some who are fond of following the ramblings of some stooge who has the need to end every post with a ha ha ha.  No accounting for taste I guess.

Here's a freebie before I go to tide you over. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


To quote Yoda.

Frustrating it must be for you.