sf2, you correctly pointed out, they are a (narrow minded) social group, hence, they plan parties, big ones, even if past or present known circumstances may not warrant one, but hey, sometimes really fun groups do that sort of thing, in a wild, crazy, "just because" sort of way, "woo-hooo, it's Tuesday" and all, that sorta' thing.


Inquiries for such festivities should probably go out to wwwater (who most certaintly does monitor this board, and will drop by with something to say every now and then (even though he said he wouldn't, because he was leaving the board to us "bashers", :/).


He's also party planner in chief, so be warned, as a bit of a drama queen, do know, it's his party and he'll cry if he wants to, even pout, or storm off mad at times, but do know, he shall return, with charts a plenty. That said, yes, I look forward to the day when we get actual guidance where it should count and mean something, from the company themselves. For now, let's just get on with the PEA, since that's the sort of thing, if objectively positive that'll likely raise the pps, and not the rounds of imo, musical chairs, that we've seen now for weeks. Where's the BEEF?! (I'm hungry for what I consider to be real news, although yes, it's nice to know who's running the show, baby steps imo, but still looking for consistant, routine, objectively positive strides).