Mr. wwwaters.   We are a litle miffed. As one of the most followed posters on stockhouse do you not see how offensive this cheap sign off is? This forum has been made great by many, Mr.Hirbie, Mr. Langstruff, Mr Livetotrade, motherearth, Mr. Poncho, Mr. gwg2retir, Mr. BigBlue, Mr Denny 65, Mr. Chainsaw and countless others who contribute day in and day out. They scour the Internet for information to share and do so with the best of intentions, never allowing the come and go despots of the online world to bring them down. Perhaps you took on to much, or maybe you tried to assume the role of leader when it was not necessary, or maybe it is as jailtrader thinks, but we hope not. But to sign off the way you did, as if all these good followers are now not worthy of your commentary is wrong. Because of a few new bashers? Well, we are decent people and we wish the best, but you are leaving a great group of contributors and they don't deserve this kind of disrespect. It would have been better to simply say you were tired or something than to tar the whole group as some kind of lost cause while you move on to a "a forum where sensible discussions can take place and opinions can be exchanged in a more respectful manner"  I would argue that this still takes place here everyday whether you see it or not.


The very best of luck.