Although both are in the same general ree industry, Great Western and Molycorp are as different as apples and oranges and it makes little sense that the gross incompetence of one (MCP) would have any bearing on the other (GWG).  They are at opposite ends of the management/execution continuum, with GWG at the getting-it-done end and MCP at the complete incompetence end.  This is nowhere more apparent than in their respective vertical integration business models, which GWG pioneered and MCP has done such a poor job in trying to duplicate.  GWG's is about to come to fruition while MCP's comical and disjointed system they have cobbled together is pure illusion.  If this little sympathetic stall in GWG's share price rise continues, it might be a good time for me to add to my admittedly too small 120,000 shares.  The manipulators will make all they can of anything, even this renewed market recognition of MCP's gross incompetence, to hold down and depress GWG's share price.  My assumption is that this will be just a little burp on GWG's continued share price rise--bring on that PEA!