Mr. Reely, while you might not see yourself as being hard on mr. jailtrader I will say that you are indeed trying to mock him. And all we were saying is you would be doing yourself a favour to keep an open mind. If you followed Mr. jailtrader, as we do, you would see that he posts on other forums and his records there are very good. Just a few days ago we followed his content onto where he called a bottom and we made a lot following him in. Back in November when he said he was selling GWG and told Mr. Waters he was buying gold we watched to see where he would post, and when he started posting on t.ngd we should have followed him in, just check the chart today. What we like about him is that he does not brag or try to talk about other stocks on the gwg forum, or vice a versa, unlike reeinvestorguy who does nothing but talk about his purchases and personal glory. Speaking of reeinvestor guy, if he had followed mr. Jailtrader when he vacated u-corp he would have made out much better. I guess our point is that it wrong to judge the things that you don't understand, we speak from experience because we use to feel the same way about technical analysis as you. My last point is on his reply a few weeks ago where he told mr. clubhouse that ort was trading consistently between about 2.45 and 2.80. we checked and he was right. We completed are first turn around in ort today having bought in the mid 2.40 at the first of the new year and sold today at the open for 2.75.

thank you for your time