Although the discussion may appear to be somewhat off topic ,when one considers that all I meant was that the search for alternate fuels is more accute when oil price is high and sentiment drops when we become conditioned to higher prices.Its not political to say that its just the way business works.

Why pay inflated prices for a hybrid , when a small gas powered will car, with its modern fuel economy, will never allow you to get your pay back? I see that  many  people all talk the talk but when it comes time to pay extra ,most are hypocrites,People talk on a forum where nothing can be proven but I know its human nature.Only a Real environmentalist deserves to talk about global warming if you think about it.Walk to work,only drive hybrid,use no oil related products..who of us does that ? lol what rubbish....the world is full hypocrites and this board has its fair share.

But this post i believe falls into gwg's lap as it may at  this point not be in vogue,just like potash lol,but it will be  in the future when oil goes much higher, and it will someday go much higher.