No pumped I havent been asleep,but its you I believe that misunderstands the peak oil theory.Originally it meant that the world cannot pump enough oil out of ground to satisfy the worlds daily demand.So in theory we will run out of oil in (depending on the author)in 10 to 20 yrs.That was before its conveniently not mentioned as peak oil as often........Remember Global warming,?? well toss in a couple of cool summers  and they call it climate change..see young man ? its all in the wording,as for your example about the hurricane well that doesnt compare at all to the arab oil embargo of the early 70's but you were not born then?So you see todays problems are only viewed as severe to those that have never experienced anything worse in their lives.

Just ask any WW11,or vietnam vet ,how they enjoy living today and you may get my point.