I must admit that the moniker peak oil is nonsense.Mind you ,oil is a finite resource ,but then in the literary sense isnt everything?In our lifetimes oil will always be there,it will just be more affordable some years than others.That,gentlemen,imho is what creates the time frame for other sources of renewable energy.Unfortunately it has nothing to do with 'saving the environment"as it is more about saving our $$.Witness the temporary  demise of solar power ,wind power,battery powered autos...it goes on and on.Notice i said temporary,as that ties in with what I said at the start,that is oil price.If oil heads up too  far,the cycle begins again,alternative energy becomes the vogue.Despite my rather blunt  posts in the past that have been wrongly seen as bashes ,I have been a holder of many alternate energy stocks,won and lost on them,but more importantly seen these fluctuations in alternate eneregy since the early 70's.That explains why I have no patience with young whippersnappers,and speak to oldtimers such as waters as a peer .