I'm all for diversification but I don't go anywhere near China unless I'm in a huge multinational like Apple, which I am and they can't be avoided. I think that the US debt hand wringing is way over blown, pure fear mongering. US debt was greater as a percentage of GDP after WW2 and that was managed. Some important considerations: The US is having a big energy boom to the envy of the rest of the world. That is bringing manufacturing back so jobs will be plentiful. Second, the US has the highest birthrate and immigration rate in comparison to any western nation so unlike Japan and Germany, we're getting younger and the tax base is increasing. There will be 350 million of us by 2050. Basically, the US is going to grow itself out of its deficit/budget problems especially if we can end the wars and put the military budget on a leash. Don't bet against America. I'm not. I'm in American energy, American natural resources, and American technology. Ford is well on its way to becoming the best car company in the world. Who woulda thunk it? And Tesla is probably going to be the best car in the world period. US media is in the business of scaring us, especially FOX when in fact, we're doing alright. If we can prevent the banks from monetizing everything with derivatives and derivatives of derivatives and crashing everything again, I see blue sky ahead. I'm very optimistic for the US and I'm mostly glad to be here except for all the creepy cameras everywhere.