You poor thing! Did you hurt your virgin eyes? awwww I feel real bad. I think that it's perfectly legit to talk about the entire sector on any one of these boards especially when one has a business model that toadies up to China and another does not. CHINA IS THE REASON ANY OF US HAVE EVEN HEARD ABOUT RARE EARTHS! They created this crisis and it's set up so that these rare earths can't be processed without their business goodwill when the crisis was created by their blackmail and lack of goodwill. I don't think it's a good business model to toady up to China and when a certain company says, hey, we developed something new that the Chinese do not have, the market takes notice and they have. Great Western has a fatally flawed business model in one word, CHINA! And I don't care if a Chinese citizen of Toronto is offended by that. China can play Great Western any way that they want to. Who do you think the shorts are? Sorry, this company is going down. You should have bought American.