Hey Springtrader.......I understand everythiing you have posted on the Ucore board and, at times, have really appreciated it.  On those posts, Thank You.  As I said, EVERYBODY has an opinion and that's what make these boards work:  for people that just want to hear the thoughts of other people out there.  To ME, that is what is VERY important.  NOT to have to sift thru all the bashing and trash talk and he said and she said.  In my opinion, these are 2 very differant companies with differant assets, goals and plans for the future.  I'm good with that.  My stake is in Ucore for better or worse but I REALLY enjoying what others have to say as long as it doesn't wind up in a "cat Fight".  To me, that's useless time and a waste of board space.  Derminator is REALLY "out there" and half the time I don't read his posts but today I did and I just went OFF on all the posts.  I (for one) just shouldn't have to see (let alone read) all that childress feuding.

No Ill Feelings on my end Really do wish you the best financial future with GW and, at some point, look forward to hearing from you.