Hi  folks,    Mother I would think  the reason    takeover  buyers arn`t  knocking on GWG`s  door yet is the lack of any stringent study that  shows  gwg`s plans will be profitable. So far GWG  show`s  incredible potential  for large revenue streams,  coupled with  potentially low  capex and opex  costs.

I think like you say Mother  ,  in a  few weeks when the pea is made public  and   the  many unanswered questions are   hopefully  resolved that any potential    buyout offer`s  could come   then  if  the pea`s findings are positive.

I wouldn`t be  surprised if MR. Smedley  whom has more than once called gwg a buyout candidate say`s the same thing  (  let`s see what pea   results  are) if he does discuss gwg on BNN today.   Can someone  tell me -- What is the difference between a  pea and a  feasibility study?  is the latter far  more involved  ?

Cheers wolfie