Agree Fewbucks the structure of the update is much improved.  I had to reread the VSP - BAR section several times to understand what was being said.  There is a good amount of content in this paragraph.  Apparently the whole Vredendal Seperation Plant is dependent upon completion of the Basic Assessment Report, which in turn is dependent upon completion of both a road transport study, and a Land Use Planning Ordinace application.  Amazing how complex the current plans are; how many fingers GWMG has in different pies at the same time!

I agree with you GWG2 that it's good to see GQD is still partnered and advising on the Seperation Plan development.

My opinion is we are giving up on the warrants (not that SP will blow through 0.45), and that we believe financing can be obtained elsewhere.

As I previously stated, to me this is the best part of the release ... meant to emphasize this revenue driver before:  Planned for early 2013: "An announcement that production using the new strip cast furnace has commenced on a commercial basis at the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Less Common Metals ("LCM") in the United Kingdom."

Excellent job with this update!